Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Announcing Hot Dish Deux

It's on, folks. Barry over at the Trylon Microcinema has just informed us, Andi and Eric - i.e. the Story Farmers - that we will be welcomed back to his 50-seat theater for our second go at producing Hot Dish, our local, organic storytelling series devoted to true all things Midwestern. Mark your calendars for a 7:30pm showtime (doors at 7) on Thursday, September 29th.

Our theme this time will be "On The Clock: True Tales of Hard Work and Hardly Working." So, while we're busy playing town-crier, putting together postcards and trying to figure out the shape of the cookies this time around (hammer and sickle, anyone?) look deep into your well of experience and see you've got anything that fits the bill.

If so, contact us at storyfarmers[AT]gmail.com. If not, well, then do all that any self-respecting Twin Citizen can do; like us on facebook (see right side of page) and watch for updates about tickets, performers, cookies, etc.

See you soon!

The Story Farmers

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